Friday, May 16, 2014

Thinkery Fun

Another smoothie in a bowl this morning with frozen mango and banana, almond milk, a handful of kale, spirulina, and raw chocolate granola.

We spent the day at the Thinkery, doing some sciencing.

There's so much to do, and the kids are drawn to different areas each time we go. Today it was the machine that dribbles out hot wax, allowing you to make flat sculptures with it.

"T-Rex's Ghost" was Jackson's title for his creation.

"I made an L," Olivia added.

It was warm enough to enjoy the outdoor play area. We could not figure out what these green circles were. Turtle shells was our guess.

Back inside to cook up something good.

Taking a break for real-life nourishment.

We finished off with a visit to the lab, where we learned to play video games using fruit.

Each piece of fruit was a directional key. I can't explain it but it was cool!

For dinner I made quinoa bowls with steamed kale, tempeh bacon, sauerkraut made by Tony's coworker, and a dressing I threw together with tahini, mustard, smoked paprika and a few other things I can't recall.

Have a lovely weekend!

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