Tuesday, May 20, 2014


This afternoon after working up a sweat at the park, I treated the kids and myself to vegan ice cream at Sweet Ritual. Jackson and Olivia both ordered the same thing, a mint chocolate chip "monkey cone" (served upside-down in a bowl).

I was excited to try the lavender white chocolate chip flavor. I have a thing for culinary lavender, and its flavor was so strong in this rich ice cream. Isn't it pretty, with the tiny purple specks?

Afterwards, we stopped at HEB to pick up a few things. They have introduced a bunch of new organic items recently. I picked up some organic coconut oil, and I also used a coupon for a free bag of organic granola.

The kids also talked me into buying a seedless watermelon, which they polished off in one evening.

I had a couple slices of watermelon and sipped on my homemade kombucha. I tried to give this batch a mango lassi flavor by adding cardamom and pureed mango. It's fine, but the mango flavor isn't very strong. I think I may have better luck using a mango nectar.

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