Thursday, May 1, 2014

Phil's Minus Grackles

Started off the morning with another smoothie in a bowl. This time it was frozen blueberries and cherries, vanilla, and soymilk, topped with Go Raw chocolate granola. I meant to also add protein powder, but I had just woken up and my brain wasn't braining.

While Jackson was at school, Olivia and I met some friends for lunch at the new Phil's Icehouse location. Since we got there a little early, Olivia got the spinning flower all to herself. Spinning flower spins fast, y'all. Olivia apparently does not experience dizziness like the rest of us.

We love Phil's so much, but I do have one small complaint about their Burnet Rd. is overrun by grackles. If you are not from Texas, grackles are evil crow-like birds that hang out in swarms near restaurants with outdoor patios and wait for the opportunity to swoop in and steal your french fries right off your plate. It is crazy how aggressive these birds are. Well, it seems the grackles have not discovered this newest location yet, and I was able to enjoy my veggie burger and mix fries without fear.

Not a grackle in sight!

1 comment:

  1. Those fries look awfully good...I can see why you'd want to defend them from the grackles!