Thursday, May 15, 2014

Solo Skaters

I've done it you guys...I've stopped eating cereal for breakfast most days. This was a small goal of mine, to have a less processed meal to start my day.  (I still eat cereal a couple of days a week, because I love cereal!) Today's smoothie in a bowl -- frozen bananas, almond milk, chia powder, raw chocolate protein powder, and peanut butter, topped with raw chocolate granola -- was basically a dessert. But at least it wasn't cereal. Haha!

This afternoon we got our skate on and we had the rink all to ourselves for a short time, as we arrived right when they opened.

Both kids are doing great at skating unassisted. Since receiving roller skates of their own, they practice around the house.

Dinner was Tempeh Giardino from Isa Does It, served over polenta. I loved the summery Italian flavors of this dish, made with fresh tomatoes and plenty of basil.

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