Friday, May 9, 2014

Hanging at Whole Foods

The kids and I spent about two hours at Whole Food this afternoon. Kind of nutty. But the new WF by our house is super nice, with an awesome outdoor play area. So Jackson and Olivia played for a bit, then we went inside to grab lunch.

The kids had mac and cheese and fresh pineapple. I had a salad with mixed greens, kale, olives, and a falafel patty, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. I also tried a little bit of patatas bravas. Guayaki mint yerba mate to drink.

After lunch, we headed back inside to pick up a lavender plant to give to my mom on Mother's Day.

My next batch of homemade kombucha won't be ready for a few more days so I picked up a jug of Buddha's Brew peach mint to tide us over. It's good but very sweet; I prefer the mint julep flavor.

A woman was offering samples of local Love Bean raw fudge spread, and it was too good to pass up bringing home a jar. We also grabbed some So Delicious almond milk ice cream to go along with it.

Friday has become ice cream day in our house.

After our frozen treat, the kids got to work making Mother's Day drawings for my mom.

Olivia wrote her name! First time. Proud mama moment.

Hope you have a nice Mother's Day, however you spend it. I was already treated to a brunch at Jackson's school yesterday. I get a kick out of these questionnaires the kids fill out each year. Apparently Jackson thinks I am the stereotypical vegetarian, always eating salad. Salad is pretty good, but pizza is better, haha!

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