Thursday, May 22, 2014

Costco Haul

My new favorite breakfast: oats (made with 1/2 almond milk, 1/2 water), maca powder, peanut butter, cacao nibs and bee pollen. Fortification for the Costco journey that lay ahead.

I thought I would share a typical haul. I go to Costco once a month. I don't always buy the exact same things, but here's what I needed (and impulse bought) this month.

Mixed olives, organic diced tomatoes, salsa.

Amy's bean burritos, Mary's crackers, and organic carrot juice. I thought my kids would love the carrot juice because they are fans of making it at home. Turns out, they are mostly interested in using the juicer. Store-bought carrot juice does not appeal to them at all. Lesson learned.

Organic blueberries, black olives, avocados. I wavered on the avocados, wondering if they'd go bad before I could use them. But then I confirmed that you can refrigerate avocados to slow their ripening. Which is what I did.

Mamma Chia squeeze packets, stevia packets, Alexia sweet potato fries. Olivia requested the chia squeeze. It's like a pouch of jelly with chia seeds mixed in. The kids suck it down, of course, since it's sweet. But it's also very messy. They get it on their clothes every time. Won't be buying again for that reason.

Mama's treats: pistachios, smoked almonds, Sabra hummus.

Organic red quinoa, Brussels sprouts, pecorino romano, and Baby Bel cheese rounds (another request from Olivia, my constant Costco companion.)

I find Costco fun -- I like to see what new products they have and try the samples -- but also semi-exhausting. For dinner I made something simple, the Curried Peanut Sauce Bowl with Tofu and Kale from Isa Does It. I served it over some of the red quinoa. Amazing, thanks to the rich, flavorful peanut sauce. 

My buddy working on his Legos. I love seeing the chimera-like creatures he comes up with.


  1. Busy Veggie Mama might want to rethink her shopping at Costco from now, on if her blog is to have any credence. What do you stand for Busy Veggie Mama? Pro-America like the rest of us, or Anti-America like Costco?

    1. how is costco anti-america? i suppose because they pay their workers a living wage? if you couldn't tell from that comment, i'm not necessarily pro-america on everything, btw. but thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Busy Veggie Mama, I think that chick1 is referring to the fact that Costco is removing D'Souza's "America" book from its shelves citing low sales.

  3. Nice report! As of 2/14/14 vegan (food wise so far). Still learning the ropes and this has been helpful! Appreciate you sharing this info! :)