Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cooking Twice in One Day

Today Olivia, looking fierce in her boots and new romper, was my shopping buddy after we dropped Jackson off at school.

We just had to pick up a few staples, and also re-stock our incense drawer. We had run completely out. Noooo!  We got our usual Nag Champa and Triloka, and I also tried some "Tara Healing Incense" that is supposed to relieve stress and anxiety. But I actually got stressed out trying to light them because they were so crumbly! Ha! Won't be buying that brand again.

I tend towards snacky lunches during the week, but Tony said he wanted to come home for lunch and eat something healthy, so I made chimichurri tofu from Viva Vegan!, served over roasted butternut squash.

Then for dinner, I made the bahn mi sandwiches with savory dipping sauce from Veganomicon. I don't usually cook two actual meals in one day but it was worth it for these sandwiches. Love them so much.

To drink, I made a pitcher of Arnold Palmers - half lemonade, half tea, but in this case I used green mint tea. I am obsessed with mint tea lately! So refreshing.


  1. Oh lemonade with green mint tea sounds so good! Iced mint tea is awesome and so refreshing for the summer. I've recently been enjoying iced nettle tea with stevia and lemon juice - it's really tasty.

    1. I've been wanting to try nettle tea! I think I saw it on Ginger is the New Pink. I'll have to order some.

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