Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Hola friends! We had a three-day weekend since Tony was off for Memorial Day. On Saturday we went to San Antonio, which I'll post about later. Sunday and Monday we cooked out. 

On Sunday we cooked out at my parents' house. I forgot to bring a veggie burger, so my dinner was roasted potatoes (made by me), corn on the cob, and salad.

Yesterday we cooked out at home. I had my veggie burger. I also roasted some Brussels sprouts and topped them with aioli (Veganaise + lemon juice + minced garlic) and a balsamic vinegar reduction. My mom gave us some fresh peaches from Fredericksburg. They are small, but sooooo sweet and juicy!

Oh yeah, and I made peanut butter chocolate brownies for dessert! I forgot how to do the fancy peanut butter swirl, so I just smeared it on top, haha!

Today it's rainy. I am starting to go through our belongings because we are moving next month. We have been renting for a long time and we finally bought a house! It's just a few miles from where we live now, so it should be an easy move compared to our two most recent cross-country moves. But I still want to go through boxes and clear out anything we don't need to take with us. While I was organizing my clothes closet, I gave Olivia my grandmother's jewelry box to keep her busy. She loves the wind-up ballerina. Whenever the music stops, she says, "Wind it up again!" I loved it too when I was her age.

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