Monday, May 5, 2014

Killing Time at Whole Foods

This morning, after we dropped Jackson off at school, Olivia asked if we could go to a playground. It just so happens that the new Whole Foods in our neighborhood has a kids' area, and I needed to buy some ketchup for Tony (he will only use Whole Foods ketchup, haha!) so that is where we ended up.

Olivia the cab driver: "Hop in, I'll take you anywhere you need to go!"

We picked up a few items for our lunch, too. We couldn't pass up fresh grapefruit. The green superfood bar was gross. There is no reason for a bar to taste like cardboard in this day and age.

I opted for Pita Pal red pepper hummus over my usual Sabra because it was fifty cents cheaper and also organic. It's on the bland side, or maybe I am just addicted to Sabra.

For dinner, I made a simple risotto with celery and onions, piled with roasted Brussels sprouts.

Super-Ironman to the rescue! Cause two superheroes are better than one.

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