Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pinterest Odds 'n' Ends

Occasionally I become determined to actually cook a few of the hundreds of recipes I've pinned on my "food I will cook" Pinterest board!

First up, Soba Noodles with Lemony Kale Pesto. I love soba noodles lately, and they are so easy and fast to cook. I didn't know you could make pesto from kale. It has a really green, vitamin-y flavor. Really tasty; I had two helpings. Oh, and I cut the amount of oil in half and just thinned it out with water as needed, because an entire cup of oil is too crazy.

Next, Roasted Radishes. OK, I also never knew you could roast radishes. Pinterest is so educational. When roasted, the radishes have a buttery, potato-like flavor and texture. Aren't they pretty?

Finally, Okonomiyaki -- Japanese savory pancakes made from napa cabbage, and served with a dollop of sriracha-enhanced Veganaise. These crisped up really nicely and I'd definitely make them again. 

I had to pick up some bath soap for the kids today, and instead of their usual Mr. Bubble, I decided to go a more natural route. Although I don't usually talk about bath and beauty products, I have to rave about this Everyday Shea lemon-lavender bubble bath. Aside from being all natural and fair trade certified, it smells amazing. And very strong! I could smell it down the hall, and my babies came out of the tub smelling like the little cherubs that they are (haha!)

I also picked up two bags of Saffron Road crunchy chickpea snacks because they were on sale at Whole Foods. I got Bombay Spice and Falafel flavors. Olivia has eaten almost the entire bag of Bombay Spice by herself. Jackson is not crazy about them. The Falafel flavor is spicy, so we saved that one for Tony. I grabbed a Kosmic Kombucha for myself. I brew my own kombucha but sometimes I want a different flavor. Kosmic is my favorite brand and their Mint Julep flavor is super refreshing.

My pretty girl showing off her new headband.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Hope you had a nice Easter, if that's a holiday you celebrate. Jackson and Olivia were excited to find that the bunny had left them baskets. I may have let them eat Peeps for breakfast. That may explain the next few pics.

What passes for an Easter photo in our house.

That afternoon we headed up to my parents' for a nice meal. But first, there were eggs to be hunted.

My plate: applesauce, roll, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and Tony's potato salad. There was also a ham. I did not have to cook anything this year!

Strawberry shortcake for dessert.

An after-dinner game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. When Jackson and Grandad go head to head, things get competitive!

We wound down the evening in the backyard, blowing bubbles.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg Hunters

Last weekend, we held our play group's Easter party at a local park. I made a double batch of Garden Rotini and Chickpea Salad with Inner Goddess Dressing from Vegan on the Cheap. It is always a crowd-pleaser and great for using up any extra veggies I have in the fridge.

My sweet friend Gina brought veggie dogs along with regular hot dogs...I forgot to take a pic, but she is the best! I was well fed. Tony pushed the kids on the tire swing for awhile. Doesn't he look miniscule in this pic? Ahh, perspective.

When it was time for the Easter egg hunt, the kids were off like a shot. Jackson informed me he knew there were coins with money in them and he was going for them. Ha! He didn't even care about the candy that much.

Daddy helped Olivia by carrying her bag so she could focus on searching.

Hope you had a fun Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Elevate Me

This is how Olivia dresses to go to the Toyota dealer. We should all have such fashion savoir faire.

Two and a half hours later (recall issue, fixed now thankfully!) we were out of there, and starving! We stopped for lunch at Elevation Burger. I love how the order of fries is twice the size of the veggie burger (sarcasm.)

At home, we tried out another flavor of Hail Merry tart -- chocolate almond butter! Rich and delish, but I think key lime still holds my heart.

Although not an exact match with the post subject matter, this is still not a bad song to get stuck in your head.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spanish Dinner

Today featured a zoo outing with the grandparents. It was a beautiful day for a train ride, followed by a stroll through the zoo. If I haven't said before, Austin's zoo is actually an animal sanctuary, with all rescued animals. I love that about it!

Jackson is a little skittish about hand-feeding the deer and goats.

Olivia gets right in there. A little deer slobber never hurt anyone.

For dinner I made a couple of Spanish recipes I found on Pinterest. Sopa de ajo or garlic soup, served chilled like gazpacho. Interesting but a bit too acidic for my taste, since it calls for a good deal of sherry vinegar. I was a huge fan of the patatas bravas -- roasted potatoes in a smoky, spicy red sauce. Grapes on the side, why not?

Monkey x2!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Indian Paintbrushes

This morning,while out house-hunting (yep, after three years of renting our current place, we're ready to become homeowners), we came across a field of Indian paintbrushes and I had to stop for some quick pics. As far as Texas spring blooms go, bluebonnets get all the love, but I think Indian paintbrushes look just as pretty! 

Came home and chowed on Smoky Split Pea soup from Appetite for Reduction, which I'd made the night before. One of our all-time favorite soups.

I also made a batch of "cheezy" kale chips from Ani's Raw Food Essentials. We preferred them over the spicy ones we made last week. They disappeared quickly!

Later, Olivia and Jackson played a fishing game while I made dinner. Olivia is an extremely focused game player.

Dinner was a treat: Ranch Salad with Buffalo Tempeh, from the PPK. The combination of hot buffalo tempeh and cool, creamy ranch dressing is out of this world. Tony and I did not even attempt to share this with the kids, knowing they'd find the tempeh too spicy. (I fixed them their own salads, along with various finger foods). So we each had a big bowl all to ourselves. I will definitely be making this again soon!

Friday, April 11, 2014

I See's You

San Francisco-based See's Candies has come to Austin, and we were there for the grand opening.

Lollipops and chocolates were being handed out freely. It was pretty great. We came home with a box of Little Pops, which I won, and Dark California Brittle, which I purchased.

To balance out the morning sugar rush, the day's eats were green and lean. For lunch I made Down Home Curry from Isa Does It, served over rice. The curry sauce was much more soupy than I'm used to. Not complaining; it was just different.

For dinner I drained off some of the curry broth and just had the veggies, topped with homemade kim chi, with a side of roasted asparagus (umm, about 4x what you see on the plate...I love asparagus!)