Monday, March 28, 2016

Hay Elotes

Hay Elotes is my new favorite dessert place in Austin. Look at that menu. Everything is sweet and sour and spicy and amazing. If you are not used to having sour and spicy flavors mixed in with your desserts, maybe buy some Tajin and some chamoy sauce and experiment at home. Or just go to Hay Elotes. I wish I was there right now!

If you just want straight up ice cream, they have that too. Olivia likes the strawberry flavor.


Tony's favorite is the Coconada, made with coconut ice cream, coconut syrup, whipped cream, and fruits.

Jackson and I like to share the Mango Hill. It's a giant, well, hill of mango sorbet, studded with strawberries and drizzled with strawberry syrup and a little bit of that sour pickley chamoy I was talking about. You can add more to your liking.

My favorite so far is the Limon King, lemon sorbet covered with tons of chamoy, and big pieces of cucumber and strawberry sprinkled with hot chile powder.

Hay Elotes also serves savory snacks, like these nachos topped with white corn. 

I will report back often, because I am going to try the whole menu by the time summer arrives!

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