Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sherwood Forest Faire 2016

Sherwood Forest Faire is one of my very favorite Austin traditions

There is just something about spending a gorgeous spring day out in the woods, sipping on a cup of mead.

Relaxing, watching your husband and kids strengthen their bond via knife throwing.

Then there's the pride you feel as your children whip tomatoes at some dude's face. 

Nodding knowingly as your daughter smooches a troll. There will be a lot of those, honey, before you meet the right guy.

Jackson was named an honorary knight of the forest by Robin Hood himself.

Olivia loved watching the belly dancers so much.

She had to join in!

Then there was this guy. Typical faire shenanigans.

Mushroom wizard maybe ate a few too many of the magic-type mushrooms.

Faire food, always fried, always calling my name.

From our picnic table we caught the midday parade.


Spooky skeleton guy?

No idea!

We had just enough time for a ride on the giant swing over the moat.

And a bit of archery practice.

Tony helping the fair maiden with her aim.

Then it was time to get in the time machine and return to 2016.

Too much excitement. Too much turkey leg.

Until next year!

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