Thursday, March 24, 2016

March Randos

March is almost over already, whaaaa?! Here are some pics that didn't make it into other posts.

Catching up with girlfriends at Jack Allen's Kitchen one evening.  I had the sweet potato fries topped with scallions and cotija cheese, with garlic aioli.

Tony asked me to pop into Whole Foods to get him some Ninja Squirrel sriracha, which is only sold there. I exited with a few more items: turmeric capsules, hazelnut coffee maca bar from local company Thunderbird, and Guayaki mint yerba mate AKA my true love in energy drink form.

Ninja Squirrel joined the rest of the gang.

Tony had to go to Boston for a few days on business, so I had my cuddle buddies in bed with me. 

Learning book repair at work. I like working with my hands, much better than being on a computer.

Rainy day buds.

Lunch on the go, and a good book.

Sweet potato smoothie topped with goji berries.

Fitness fair one evening at school. 

One more reason to love our school. An hour of indoor fun and movement on a stormy, soggy night.

Supergreen smoothie with sweet potato, peanut butter powder, chia, spirulina, stevia, and two huge handfuls of spinach.

How is your month going?

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