Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fat Tuesday

Easter has already come and gone...oh well! Forever catching up on here. That is life.

Fat Tuesday is the Tuesday before Lent, the Catholic season of deprivation leading up to Easter. The idea is that you indulge on this one day, before abstaining for the next forty. While Tony and I are seriously lapsed Catholics, we appreciate any excuse to indulge, and we certainly did this year. Tony worked from home and we went to lunch at Pinthouse Pizza for a couple of pints while the kids were in school.

Nachos smothered in queso and avocado, oh my goodness.

Margherita pizza...really unnecessary after that giant plate of nachos! I'd like to say we took most of it home as leftovers, but that was not the case.

Finally, that evening I fried up some beignets using a mix that I bought awhile back in New Orleans. They did not turn out nearly as fluffy as the ones I remember from Cafe du Monde, but once I covered them in powdered sugar there were no complaints. Monster even had one.

I may not have fasted for the next forty days, but I did eat considerably lighter in the days following our wonderful gluttony. No more beignets until next year. (Sorry, Monster.)

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