Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Pease Park and JuiceLand

We spent the morning at Pease Park. I've always felt stupid when I go to Pease Park because I get lost and drive around the neighborhood forever. Today I finally realized it's because Google Maps has been telling me the wrong exit. I felt like freaking Sherlock Holmes when I figured this out. I'm onto you now, Google Maps! 

Jackson and Olivia are getting good at pumping their legs and swinging without too much assistance.

Swinging works up quite a thirst (please don't take that out of context), so we decided on a liquid lunch at JuiceLand.  Clockwise from bottom left: Olivia's Clementine with orange juice, mango and peach; my Vegetable Kingdom with apple juice, beets, carrot, spinach, lemon, cherry and spirulina; and Jackson's Hydrator with watermelon, peach and lemon. We also shared a raw chocolate truffle, raspberry-rose flavor.

I love this particular JuiceLand location because of its sweet little covered patio, complete with play area.

Making their own "smoothies" in the play kitchen.

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