Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring Sippin'

It's spring for another month, but starting to feel like summer here in Austin. We are spending lots of time in the backyard, which means we need to hydrate. What do you like to drink to stay cool? Iced tea has been my drink of choice lately. I won some ginger tea from Organic India. I love how spicy it is!

I also picked up some Nettle Leaf tea. It's caffeine-free (a must for me) and has a neutral flavor, perfect for making a big pitcher of iced tea.

I have also been sippin' on my homemade kombucha. With my latest batch, I brewed it plain, then I diluted it with cranberry juice for flavor.

Since I like their chocolate flavor so much, I bought a thing of Garden of Life raw vanilla protein powder, for variety.

I've been using it in "milkshakes" that I make by blending up protein powder, almond milk, matcha tea powder, ice, and a little stevia. I had one for breakfast along with avocado-cucumber toast. What an extremely green breakfast.

For lunch I made miso soup with udon noodles, shredded carrots, wakame, and sambal oelek. I add five-spice powder to my miso broth.  For Jackson and Olivia, I make a simpler version with just broth, noodles and carrots. They love any chance to use their chopsticks.

For dinner I made the sweet potato gnocchi with tarragon cream sauce from Isa Does It. Apologies for this completely unattractive pic that doesn't do this luscious recipe justice. It feels like super fancy restaurant meal. I think it's the tarragon that does it.

Jackson wears his paper bowtie and parades around talking in an English accent. He says, "I'm a fannnnncy mannn!" Kids. They are hilarious.


  1. I love everything in this post! It all looks delicious. I'm going to try brewing my own Kombucha this summer. Did you grow your own SCOBY first? Any tips for a first time brewer?

    1. I ordered a starter kit from Vegan Cuts
      After that I saved the scoby and just used my own tea bags.
      My first batch was really sour, I would suggest only brewing for 7 days if you don't want it too sour. Also Google "double fermentation"'s a way to make it extra fizzy like the stuff from the store :)