Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning

I know I just posted yesterday about fried pickles, but I've actually been trying to eat more "clean" in general. Less processed foods, less sweets.

Oats for breakfast. I think the key to enjoying oats is keeping a variety of healthy toppings on hand so I don't feel like I'm eating the same exact thing every morning. Today I had them with sliced banana, cinnamon, maple syrup, and a splash of soymilk.

Snacks are simple. Trail mix is super filling, and the dried cranberries and blueberries make my sweet tooth happy.

I couldn't pass up a giant tub of cherry tomatoes. Jackson, Olivia and I sat on the patio and ate the whole tub one afternoon, sliced and sprinkled with salt. Soon we'll have our very own fresh-picked cherry tomatoes to snack on.

I've been making smoothies every other day or so. This one had kale, blueberries, coconut water, soymilk, hemp protein powder, and spirulina.

This is my favorite time of year in Texas. The fragrant honeysuckle and jasmine are in bloom, it's warm but not hot, and the evenings are getting longer. And I really feel a difference in my energy levels from making these little changes in my diet.

I'm thinking of doing a juice or smoothie cleanse for a couple of days. I have zero interest in a hardcore "drink nothing but lemon water with cayenne pepper for 3 days" type cleanse...mostly because I have zero interest in passing out with two small children in my care! I'm thinking of something like this. Have you ever done a cleanse? What was your experience?


  1. May I suggest a book, I just finished reading in an plan on starting a cleanse in the next week or so (after my husband stops his business traveling so he can take care of the kids). The book is "Super Cleanse" by: Adina Niemerow. I found it at my local library. It has how to prep for a cleanse and a bunch of different cleanses (that you eat during) varying in length for a day to a week. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Jackie! I'll check it out.

  2. I just did the Kaeng Raeng cleanse and it was ok. I do feel better but it was tough to get those smoothies down. I highly recommend Crazy Sexy Diet. The cleanse is amazing and it is easy to eat that way after. Definitely my favorite one I've done so far!