Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nayonaise and Space Exploration

Recently I was contacted by Nasoya to see if I was interested in sampling their Nayonaise sandwich spread, which has been reformulated with a smoother, creamier texture. They sent me a jar of Nayonaise and a jar of their new NayoWhipped, which has a tangier, sweeter taste. Both of these vegan spreads are made from non-GMO soybeans and expeller pressed oil, and are fortified with Omega 3 ALA.

The NayoWhipped worked well in my favorite sandwich, a BLT with tempeh bacon on rye bread. Tony said it tasted like Miracle Whip, which I've never had. To me, the NayoWhipped was very tangy and had an "eggy" taste and smell.

I used the Nayonaise in the Creamy Fiesta Dressing from La Dolce Vegan. It's a little thicker than the NayoWhipped. Tony said it was more like traditional mayo. I made the dressing as a dip for my first ever batch of homemade fried pickles. I've become slightly addicted to fried pickles of late, ordering them whenever I'm at a bar or a movie. So I took the next step of buying a deep fryer. This may not end well. Soon we'll be deep-frying everything in sight. But man, those pickles sure are tasty. 

I also used the Nayonaise to whip up a creamy honey-agave dipping sauce for my kids' Gardein chicken tenders. Jackson gave his endorsement by licking the bowl clean.

Today Olivia became the first kidronaut in space. A momentous occasion. 

Actually we spent the day at the McKenna Children's Museum, which features a wonderful space-themed play area. Jackson manned the controls.

There's also an awesome climbing structure outside. Last time we visited, it was too cold to play outside. So this was a new discovery.

Taking good care of baby. She is going through a baby obsession. Me too, maybe, a little bit.

Born a Yankee, Olivia is a true Texan now. One hand!

Do you have a deep fryer? Favorite fried food?


  1. I LOVE fried food, and have been tempted to buy a deep fryer--except then I would use it. Like every night. So I'll be watching your entries with a lot of interest!

    I always forget until I see recipes that donuts are fried--so I think those are my favorites. But onion rings and sweet potato fries are my favorite savory ones.

    1. I have a donut pan to bake my donuts, so I think I'm safe there. But onion rings...I didn't even think about onion rings. Yep, I'm in trouble! :)