Monday, April 29, 2013

Revised Thoughts on Kombucha

We've had a number of chilly and rainy days so far this spring, which raises my hopes that summer won't be too brutal. A girl can dream. We spent this particular chilly day at a bouncy house with an exciting foam block pit. Watching Jackson and Olivia hold hands as they jumped in feet-first, I thought about how they are becoming real friends. Of course they still have their moments, as all siblings do, but they've reached an age where they can really play together. It's nice to observe.

Olivia is also at an age where she's distanced herself so much from being a baby, that she thinks it's hilarious to pretend to be a baby. When she saw this baby walker in the toddler play area, she clambered in and scooted around, exclaiming, "Goo goo, ga ga!" 

Kombucha used to scare me. I didn't like it. It smelled funky, it tasted sour, it did weird things to me. Perhaps my taste buds have changed, because I love it now. This was the game-changing bottle.

It tasted so good! So gingery. So I bought a couple more bottles.

And they were good, too! I fear I may become addicted. 

Have you ever given a hated food or drink a second chance?

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  1. I have always disliked beetroots - my mother bought them pickled in vinegar when I was growing up, and everyone else liked them, but not me.

    I bought a packet of vegetable crisps a few years ago, and one of the vegetables was beetroot, I actually quite enjoyed them'

    Inspired by that, I tried buying fresh beetroots, of various hues, but I really can't seem to enjoy that sweet, yet earthy flavour. I even grew some, and gave them to a friend, such a shame as they look so colourful, but there you go, a failure!