Sunday, April 14, 2013

PPK Cookbook Challenge

Although I'm mostly a lurker on the PPK forums, I thought it would be fun to participate in the current cookbook challenge. I'm joining in late due to my parents being in town. Last week's challenge was to cook from any book by Isa Moskowitz or Terry Hope Romero. I chose Terry's latest, Vegan Eats World, because I bought it recently and have been dying to dive into it.

I decided to make a little Indian feast. I made the Golden Tandoori Tofu, Okra Masala, and Tamarind Chutney. I was pleased with how fast and easy these recipes were. The tofu is baked in a creamy yogurt-based sauce. I served it over rice and spooned a bit of chutney on top. The chutney is sweetened by dates and it has a sweet/sour flavor. The recipe doesn't make a lot, but it's strong, so you only need a little. The okra was my favorite dish. I do love okra. The okra masala is spicy and tomato-y. I could've eaten the whole recipe myself.

While I cooked, Jackson and Olivia played with a set of foam stamps they received from their grandparents.

For awhile I was afraid to let them paint on our new table, but I put down paper bags as their "painting mats" and problem solved.

What cookbooks have you been cooking from lately?


  1. I need to do a cookbook challenge. Without the internet at home, I've been going through my books a bit more.
    I don't have VEW but have paged through it - it looks awesome. I have Viva Vegan but have yet to make one single thing out of it! What's my Terry Hope Romero problem??

  2. I don't use Viva Vegan much because a lot of the recipes take advance preparation or they just seem like a lot of work. I've just started using VEW, but so far it seems less complicated. I think I will be using it often.