Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trying Raw

So, I got it in my head that I would try to make a complete raw feast, based on some recipes I found on Pinterest. I am interested in raw foods, but it often seems like a ton of preparation. For example, I was going to do raw falafels. But to do this, you need to sprout your chickpeas several days in advance. So I moved back the date of my raw meal and started sprouting. It did not go so well for me. 

The chickpeas grew cute little tails, all right. They also smelled like garbage. Like, an obvious bacteria smell. Maybe I should have kept the jar in the fridge? The instructions were not clear. I have more dried chickpeas, so I can try again some time. These went in the trash.

Instead, I made the baked falafels from Appetite for Reduction. Always so good. My kids go to town on them.

To accompany the falafels, we made the Mediterranean-Style Cashew Cucumber Dip from Veganomicon. It's like a raw vegan tzatziki sauce. Jackson and Olivia are getting skilled with the veggie peeler.

Lots of dill is key! We had plenty left over for dipping carrots and pita chips.

Finally, I made a cauliflower tabouli. I guess you would call it high raw, since it has green olives in it, which aren't raw. The lemon juice/olive oil dressing kind of "cooks" the cauliflower, which takes the place of grains in a traditional tabouli. Tasty!

Since Jackson, Olivia and I were working together so nicely in the kitchen, we also made some hempseed salad dressing. It is so good! I love those nutty hempseeds. I ate it on a salad of mixed greens, roasted beets, goat cheese, and leftover falafels.

Please share any favorite raw food recipes with me!

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