Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spanish Dinner

Today featured a zoo outing with the grandparents. It was a beautiful day for a train ride, followed by a stroll through the zoo. If I haven't said before, Austin's zoo is actually an animal sanctuary, with all rescued animals. I love that about it!

Jackson is a little skittish about hand-feeding the deer and goats.

Olivia gets right in there. A little deer slobber never hurt anyone.

For dinner I made a couple of Spanish recipes I found on Pinterest. Sopa de ajo or garlic soup, served chilled like gazpacho. Interesting but a bit too acidic for my taste, since it calls for a good deal of sherry vinegar. I was a huge fan of the patatas bravas -- roasted potatoes in a smoky, spicy red sauce. Grapes on the side, why not?

Monkey x2!

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