Monday, April 28, 2014

Dragon Boats

On Saturday morning, we headed down to Festival Beach for the Dragon Boat Festival. 

The dragon boats were kind of hidden away from where the actual festival was going on, so we enjoyed a scenic walk along the lake until we came across them.

Dragon boats located!

We were not sure what time the actual boat race would happen, so we milled around at the festival for awhile. We enjoyed the various martial arts demonstrations.

The taiko drummers were cool, too. Very precise.

Jackson and Olivia got some energy out in the bounce house.

At last, race time! It was kind of anticlimactic because by this point, Jackson and Olivia were much more interested in getting popsicles and maybe taking another turn in the bounce house. Oh well.

Saturday evening Tony and I headed downtown to see Only Lovers Left Alive at the Violet Crown Cinema. It was a confusing moviegoing experience. You're able to put in an order for food and drinks before the film. We were familiar with this concept thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse, where servers bring your food in to you so you can enjoy it while watching the movie. But at Violet Crown, you have to get up during the movie and get your own food when your pager tells you it's ready, which means you are climbing over a bunch of strangers while balancing full plates of food in the dark. Also there's no busboy, so you sit there with your empty plate and silverware on your lap until the movie is over.

So, no pics of our shared spring rolls and margarita pizza, because we consumed them in total darkness. I really enjoyed my cocktail, however -- the "Constant Ava Gardner," made with vodka, pear, basil, lemon, lavender, black pepper. I am all about the foofy cocktails, oh yes. And the movie was freaking fantastic.

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