Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

Hope you had a nice Easter, if that's a holiday you celebrate. Jackson and Olivia were excited to find that the bunny had left them baskets. I may have let them eat Peeps for breakfast. That may explain the next few pics.

What passes for an Easter photo in our house.

That afternoon we headed up to my parents' for a nice meal. But first, there were eggs to be hunted.

My plate: applesauce, roll, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and Tony's potato salad. There was also a ham. I did not have to cook anything this year!

Strawberry shortcake for dessert.

An after-dinner game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. When Jackson and Grandad go head to head, things get competitive!

We wound down the evening in the backyard, blowing bubbles.

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