Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Red Poppy Festival

On Sunday we spent the day up in Georgetown, where my parents live. First we met them for brunch at the Monument Cafe. While we waited a short while for our table, we admired the beautiful garden out front. Olivia loves the smell of fresh rosemary.

This was my first time seeing artichokes still on the vine. I really had no idea how they grew!

Once seated, we ordered a plate of fried pickles to start with. Light, crunchy, pickle-y.

I was let down by my entree salad, though. The menu described it as a "kale citrus mint salad" but, as you can see, it was just a big bowl of kale with three croutons. I guess the citrus and mint were in the dressing, although it didn't taste minty to me. $9 for a bowl of kale, hmm. Although I enjoyed our first visit to Monument, Tony has been unimpressed twice in a row now, so I doubt we'll make an effort to go back.

Our day improved as we headed over to the Red Poppy Festival. The streets were blocked off to cars, and lined with craft booths and food vendors.

I loved this pirate ship selling shaved ice.

I can tell you from carrying it around all afternoon, this bag of kettle corn weighed as much as a baby.

Maybe it weighed as much as a baby goat. I'm not sure; I didn't get to hold the goat. But it was adorable.

Superhero recyclers.

It has been a mild spring but now the temps are getting up into the 90's. After walking around in full afternoon sun, we started getting worn out.

Jackson was being slightly dramatic in the above pic. He suddenly found vast reserves of energy when we arrived at the kids' zone.


All the inflatables were free, and the lines were not long. Awesome festival!

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  1. Cool! I didn't know how artichokes grew either! Looks like a fun time. :)