Friday, April 18, 2014

Elevate Me

This is how Olivia dresses to go to the Toyota dealer. We should all have such fashion savoir faire.

Two and a half hours later (recall issue, fixed now thankfully!) we were out of there, and starving! We stopped for lunch at Elevation Burger. I love how the order of fries is twice the size of the veggie burger (sarcasm.)

At home, we tried out another flavor of Hail Merry tart -- chocolate almond butter! Rich and delish, but I think key lime still holds my heart.

Although not an exact match with the post subject matter, this is still not a bad song to get stuck in your head.


  1. What about this one?

    haven't seen that flavor Hail merry - actually I rarely see them around anymore, but definitely not that flavor. I would know because I'd have bought it a lot by now if I had

    1. Pavement...yessss!!
      That's funny, I have just started seeing the Hail Merry tarts here at the supermarket and at Costco. I'm kinda obsessed...must try them all!

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  3. just the outfit I would have worn:) such elan! Go girl, go:)