Monday, February 3, 2014

Hat Creek Fun

Today we had lunch with my parents at the new Hat Creek Burgers in Georgetown. Hat Creek makes an awesome veggie burger with wild rice and cashews, so that's what I ordered, with a side of fried pickle chips. Fried evil, yet so delicious. 

Grandma and Grandad just got back from a trip to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle. They brought souvenirs for Jackson and Olivia -- shells, starfish, sand dollars, seahorses. The kids had fun looking at everything and listening to the ocean.

Hat Creek's south location has a playscape, which we love. This new spot doesn't, but there is a big open space out back with picnic tables and a wooden stage. Jackson, Olivia and the other kids decided to turn the stage into an obstacle course by belly-crawling underneath it.

On the way home we stopped to check out the brand-new Whole Foods in our hood. I picked up spaghetti squash and Field Roast sausages to use for upcoming dinners. Then I treated myself to a couple of goodies. I'd seen ads in VegNews for the new flavors of Veganaise, but hadn't been able to find them locally til now. When I spotted Veganaise horseradish sauce, I had to toss it in  my cart. I also picked up a bottle of ginger syrup, which I'd never come across before. I'm going to try a spoonful in my hot tea.

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  1. Ooh, ginger syrup sounds delicious. I'm sure it would be equally great on pancakes with fruit...
    I really like the sound of that veggie burger too. I have Joni marie Newman's veggie burger book, and I feel like there might be a similar one in there? I'll have to check. As for fried pickles, I have never seen them but they are something I'd like to try.