Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toybrary and Testing

I'm happy to be testing a few recipes for Kristy's upcoming cookbook! If y'all follow her blog, you know this is good news for both cookbook collectors and my taste buds. To begin with, I made her curried tempeh salad, served on a bed of baby greens. I love the complex flavors of this salad, which includes dried cherries and almonds.

After lunch, I took Jackson and Olivia to check out Austin's Toybrary, a lending library for toys. Paying a monthly membership fee allows you to check out three toys at a time, Netflix-style. We're not members, but they also offer various classes and drop-in play.

We were there for an Olympics-themed craft class, but the kids got sidetracked by all the toys.

So we hung out and played for awhile.

Superhero shoppers.

We did eventually get around to the crafts.

Olympic torches, fun!

For dinner, I made the BBQ Spaghetti from Cookin' Crunk.  Thank you, Bianca, for introducing me to the concept of barbecue sauce on spaghetti. I couldn't get enough of it!

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