Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Habana, Always Good

Today we had a leisurely lunch at Habana. It's not in our neck of the woods, but it's always good, so worth the drive. Plus, driving through Austin is never boring. 

I started with a cucumber margarita, as gloriously refreshing as it sounds.

Our appetizer of choice is always mariquitas, thinly-sliced fried plantains served with tangy green dipping sauce.

I had quimbombo, a veggie stew loaded with okra. Heaven. For a restaurant that serves mainly heavy meat dishes, Habana does vegetarian amazingly well. On the side, black beans, and rice with pigeon peas.

Our sweet server felt that we had to wait too long for our food (not that we complained or really even noticed; we were just hanging out), so when we'd finished eating, he brought out a huge, complimentary slice of tres leches cake for us to share. Nice! It's one of the best tres leches cakes I've had in Austin, heavy on the cinnamon.

Olivia considered it all brain food. When we returned home, she was ready for some serious checker playing.

Serious concentration.

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  1. I love Habana, their menu is so veggie friendly and I love sitting in those little huts. And the gardening store next door is one of my favorites.