Monday, February 24, 2014

Twin Falls

Sunday morning we hiked on the Barton Creek greenbelt to Twin Falls. It was an easy little hike, perfect for small feet.

We saw plenty of other folks out enjoying nature.

There was no way to get close enough to the plaque on this rock to read it. Mystery plaque!

Water flowing over rocks is such a soothing sound.

Jackson loves hiking. He scampers across rocks like a little monkey.

We saw trees that had grown over and around the rocks.

Once we had worked up an appetite, we headed to Pieous for lunch. I'd read many raves about this artisanal, wood-fired brick oven pizza place, so I was excited to try it out.

You have to stand in line to read the chalkboard menu and place your order at the counter. Luckily, there's a chalk wall to entertain small ones while this is going on.

While it would've been cool to sit inside at the counter and watch pizzas slide in and out of the brick oven, the music was pretty loud, and the weather was perfect, so we opted to sit out on the patio.

Our food was brought out in a flash. We started with a sampler antipasto plate that included artichoke hearts, green olive tapenade, roasted chickpeas, and eggplant in tomato sauce. The tapenade, with its concentrated olive flavor, was the star.

Tony got a meat pizza, while I ordered the margherita pizza with Brussels sprouts added on. The kids ate a little bit of each. 

The crust is what really sets Pieous apart. It's light, pillowy, bubbly, chewy. It's also perfect for sopping up the tapenade and eggplant from the antipasto plate (which only comes with two little pieces of toast.) All a crust like that needs is a little fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella (I believe they make their own)...and sure, throw on some Brussels sprouts while you're at it.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. That pizza looks incredible!

  2. It was really good! They also had a marinara pie you could load up with veggies.