Friday, February 7, 2014

Super Bowl Feast

Tony's the only football fan in the family, although Jackson's slowly coming around. None the less, we decided to make this year's Super Bowl a family event.

If I'm going to sit through an entire football game, the food needs to be awesome. So I made the nachos from Isa Does It.  Pico de gallo, lentil "taco meat," guacamole are all prepared separately (along with a cashew-based queso that was keeping warm on the stovetop.)

When it all comes together, it's a beautiful sight to behold. And consume.

I was also in the mood for pie, so I made the PPK's key lime pie.

It's super light, like a flan, with tons of tart lime flavor.

Olivia must have guessed the game would be a blowout, because she had no interest right from the start.

Jackson did his best, but was looking drowsy by halftime. 

By the fourth quarter, Tony and I had similar expressions. Oh well, at least there were nachos and pie!

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