Monday, May 6, 2013

Thai Iced Tea x2

Today Tony was able to meet us for lunch at Thai Cuisine. I love it and I wish I could eat there every week. That's the problem with Austin (if you can even call it a problem) -- too many good restaurants, and there are always new ones to try. 

I started off with a Thai iced tea, so cold and sweet. 

While we were waiting for our entrees, we hit the self-serve soup/salad/appetizer bar. I had some vegetarian potato soup which was heavy on the garlic. Then I went to town on the spring rolls and egg rolls.

I ordered the Garlic Paradise -- tofu and veggies in a garlicky sauce, with brown rice. I was fighting off a cold, so I thought all the garlic might help. I don't think it did, but it tasted great!

Later I tried making my own Thai iced tea with coconut milk. The recipe is from The 30 Minute Vegan's Taste of Asia. Tastes different than the restaurant version made with sweetened condensed milk, but it's still quite tasty and refreshing.

Jackson on cleanup duty. Why do we lose our childhood love of vacuuming?


  1. I love Thai iced teas but obviously can't drink them anymore with the milk. Is the coconut milk not too thick?

    1. I used lite coconut milk, I think.

  2. I am literally smacking my lips here, so wish I could try some of these dishes