Friday, May 17, 2013


Another old post that I somehow skipped over! Hence the hoodies when it's 97 degrees out today.

Today the kids and I ran some errands. Sorry for the phone pics, but I forgot my camera at home. First we stopped at the library. They love playing games on the computer in the children's area.

After checking out some new books and movies, our next stop was Costco. I can never leave Costco without making one or two impulse purchases. Today it was a two-pack of Cholula. I think Cholula must be Spanish for "superier to all other hot sauces."

Finally, we stopped at JuiceLand for smoothies. Olivia chose the Clementine with OJ, mango and peach.

Jackson had A Brazilian Kisses, with apple juice, acai, and banana. 

I had the Kaleibrator, with kale, coconut water, banana, pecan butter and hemp seeds. Those last two ingredients gave it a great, almost "chewy" texture and a nutty flavor. It was so good.

There are a number of JuiceLands around town, but I like the one by us because it has a covered outdoor patio...

...complete with children's play area! This means I can relax and enjoy my smoothie while the kids play house.

Have a great weekend!

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