Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rainy Day Entertainment

Another gloomy day with rain in the forecast. We've had a lot of those this spring. Not that I'm complaining! We need it. And although entertaining the kids is a more of a challenge when playgrounds and splash pads are off the table, I think I'm up to it.

We had to venture out to H-E-B and do our weekly grocery shopping. Jackson and Olivia are getting to that age where they find grocery shopping to be, shall we say, not incredibly exciting. Buddy Bucks make it slightly more tolerable.

Came home and prepped tofu for dinner. I made Matthew's Delicious Tofu from The Garden of Vegan. My favorite way to prepare tofu for use in sandwiches.

Dinner was Vietnamese Seitan Baguettes with Savory Broth Dip from Veganomicon. My favorite meal ever. I changed it up this time, using the tofu in place of seitan. Along with the usual cucumber, cilantro, Veganaise, and sriracha, I also threw on some red bell pepper and red onion slices.

After dinner we turned the bathroom into a spa, as I treated the kids (and myself) to a foot scrub. This recipe is also found in The Garden of Vegan. Sarah Kramer's second cookbook came out about ten years ago and it's been sitting on my shelf, collecting dust, neglected in favor of shiny new cookbooks. Recently I was looking through it and I remembered how great it is. It's just so darn comprehensive! In addition to breakfast recipes, there are tons of smoothies and juices. There's a chapter on lunch-box friendly foods and even a bunch of recipes you can make in your microwave. And, in the back, there's a cool section on homemade bath items, such as this foot scrub, made with oats and cornmeal. The green food coloring was my addition, to enhance the kid appeal.

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