Monday, May 20, 2013

To Grandma's House We Go

We made a quick visit to see my mother-in-law in Oklahoma over the weekend. I had everything packed and ready to go when Tony got off work, and we stopped at Subway to pick up dinner, which we ate in the car. No veggie patties available at this particular Subway, so I had them load up my sandwich with vegetables (and spicy mustard.)

Grandma always loves to catch up with her little buddies. She hadn't seen them since Christmas and they have definitely grown since then. Olivia had a lot of stories to tell.

Jackson telling Grandma about his Power Ranger's awesome abilities.

On Saturday we went to Science Museum Oklahoma with our friends Michelle and Alan and their kids. I hadn't been there in a decade. It used to be called the Omniplex, which is a cooler-sounding name, but the museum itself is much more impressive these days. They've added a ton of new exhibits and it kept the kids busy for hours.

Olivia wasn't sure what to make of the old telephones. She'd never seen one before. Feeling old now? Me, too.

Jackson got to ride a Segway.


Afterwards, we had lunch at Iguana in Oklahoma City. The interesting thing about Iguana is that Tony and I had our wedding dinner there, nearly eleven years ago.  Not long after that, to our chagrin, it closed down. But then it reopened a few years ago in a different location, and apparently has been going strong ever since. 

We were seated and there were already chips and huge bowls of salsa on our table. Nice, Iguana! Now that's service.

Being salsa fiends, we also ordered the salsa sampler, with tomatillo, smoked tomato (served warm), citrus habanero, and "coral snake" salsas.  Those last two I mentioned are super hot! It's funny, after all this time, the salsas tasted just as we remembered them. I guess if you got a good recipe, there is no need to change it!

I had the spinach mushroom enchiladas, with red rice and grilled veggies on the side. Totally delish.

More Oklahoma love soon. We are going back in a few weeks. Grandma can't wait four months to see her buddies again.

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