Monday, July 1, 2013

Live Oaks and Guinness Sandwiches

This afternoon we drove around aimlessly for awhile...Tony and I used to do this a lot when the kids were younger. They'd go to sleep, and we could talk or listen to our non-kid-friendly music. But these days, Jackson and Olivia rarely nap. So after a few rounds of, "Guys, where are we going?" we thought we better pick a destination. So we ended up at Central Market. We didn't need to buy any groceries, but Olivia was nice enough to sell us some ice cream.

We walked down to the lake...

Checked out the turtles...

Jackson saw a huge tree and wanted to climb it...

"Large Tree of the Year", apparently. Well, in 2008. Perhaps larger trees have been discovered since then.

Olivia, keeping her balance.

Jackson, part monkey.

For dinner, I made panini with cheese and Guinness jelly. The beer flavor cooks out and you're left with a sweet jelly that is a nice complement to the sharp cheddar.

The easiest dessert ever -- a giant bowl of cherries. I think we polished these off in less time than it took me to pit and halve them!

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