Friday, July 5, 2013

Elisabet Ney Museum

Recently I took Jackson and Olivia to check out the Elisabet Ney Museum. Ney was a European sculptor who moved to Austin in the late 19th century. Her studio was turned into a museum after her death. It looks like a tiny castle.

There's a lot of sunlight shining in on the statues and it almost makes them look as if they're glowing.

This makes me think I would have liked Elisabet Ney.

The grounds seemed like they would be helpful for finding artistic inspiration.

Since there was a little family festival going on, we were able to see sculptors at work.

Then Jackson and Olivia got to try their hand. Jackson loved this experience. At home, he now asks for his Play-doh and "sculpture tools" (a spoon and knife).

We stopped at Wheatsville on the way home and picked up some popcorn tofu po'boys. The buffalo tofu sandwich is topped with vegan blue cheese dressing.

And then there's the traditional one, with red onions, sprouts, and cashew tamari dressing.

This morning, Olivia is reliving her baby years.

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  1. Those sandwiches look INCREDIBLE. No po'boys up here in NY...
    Super cool museum! It's great that the kids got to see artists in action.