Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Grandad's Visit

My dad was in town over the weekend. He and my mom are getting ready to become permanent residents of Texas, all the way from Detroit. He came out to do some final repairs on the house before they move in. Since my dad is really into history, we took him to Pioneer Farms, one of those places where costumed interpreters pretend they are living in the 1800's. 

Lots of old buggies and carriages. Some to be climbed on, some not.

Olivia checking out a cotton gin.

One of the interpreters, explaining old-timey cooking techniques.

Jackson and Olivia's favorite part was feeding grass to the chickens.

We saw a one-month-old donkey, awww.

Petting the mama donkey.

Because it was a hot day, Pioneer Farms was a bit of a ghost town. But sometimes it's nice to have a place all to yourselves, especially with small children, because then no one cares if they are running all over the place.

For dinner, Grandad wanted pizza, so we tried out Austin Terrier, a Boston terrier-themed restaurant. The patio is dog-friendly, of course. But Monster isn't exactly restaurant-friendly, so we left him at home.

Doggie Kiss on the wall. -- I suddenly felt inspiration for Monster's Halloween costume.

We started with a trio of fries -- sweet potato, paprika-dusted, and truffle parmesan. They were served with spicy sriracha ketchup and garlic aioli. They were all tasty, but the truffle parmesan were outstanding.

The kids' cheese pizza...which went mostly untouched! My dad ordered a pepperoni pizza for himself, and suddenly my kids were insisting that they looooove pepperoni...even though they'd never eaten it before in their lives! Ha! 

I had an apple and blue cheese salad, with dried cranberries, walnuts, and vinaigrette. It was huge, and I ate it all.

We'll be back...gotta support a restaurant that loves Bostons as much as we do! But no pepperoni, kids!

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