Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Urban Vegan Testers #12-13

Today I have two more tester dishes to whet your appetite for the Urban Vegan's upcoming cookbook. Both of these recipes were hits with my entire family.

Pasta with Red Peppers and Basil - penne pasta, sauteed red bell pepper, plenty of garlic and basil, sprinkled with toasted pine nuts. Even though there's no sauce, with such a variety of flavors in every bite, you really don't miss it.

Brazilian Pastels - kind of like a mini-empanada, the pastel is an adorable Brazilian street food that can be stuffed with a variety of fillings. These contain vegan beef crumbles, and make a fabulous snack when dipped in hot sauce. I'm guessing they wouldn't mind taking a dip in vegan queso, either.

And for the 30-Day Challenge...#12 - bullet your whole day. Well, it's supposed to snow all day today and tomorrow, so I already got my errands done. This isn't gonna be very exciting. But here goes.
  • Get woken up by Jackson who has been sleeping in our bed since 4 a.m.
  • Fix breakfast for me and Jackson (oats for me, granola bar and apple for him)
  • Give Olivia her bottle while Jackson watches Dora
  • Take Monster out for his walk (with much protesting on his part, since it's snowing)
  • Tony leaves to shovel out his car and go to work
  • Write this! Ha
  • Shower and get the kids clean and dressed
  • Play with the kids
  • Do any prep work that I need to do for dinner
  • Fix lunch
  • Eat lunch with Jackson, give Olivia her lunch
  • Clean
  • Cuddle the babies until they go to sleep
  • 30 min. walk on treadmill while reading my Kindle
  • 20 min. yoga
  • Play on the internets until the kids wake up
  • Play with the kids
  • Find out when Tony is coming home, watch TV or start dinner
  • Dinner
  • Walk Monster
  • Entertain the kids until they get tired
  • Watch a movie or some mindless TV (last night was Get Him To The Greek, tonight it's a trashy extravaganza -- Gossip Girl19 Kids and Counting, and SAG Awards Fashion Police)
  • Sleep!
What are you doing today? Whatever it is, have a great day!


  1. I love reading about days like this! It gives you such a (maybe false) insight in someone else's life I think. You want mine?
    - Woke up, watched the last 10 minutes of the In Treatment episode I watched before falling asleep last night.
    - Breakfast: green smoothie.
    - Going down to the thrift store. Buy a jeans skirt and a red big shirt.
    - Go to the thai market and buy rice and ginger candy.
    - Go home, get dressed in new clothes.
    - Go to a meeting in a youth house. Got to meet my friends adorable pug!!!!!
    - Go home, eat lunch.
    - Have soy cappuchino at my favourite café in town, watching live broadcast from Egypt.

    Now it's 4 pm here, tonight my boyfriend will come back to Iceland and we will go to some weird rotten meat party with work. gross.

  2. Thrift store shopping and a pug, sounds like an awesome day to me! Except for the rotten meat party -- I'm not sure I want to know what that involves.

  3. hey, what's trashy about 19 Kids and Counting, ha! i think we have the same taste in television. the pastels look fun!