Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spinach Quiche/Pie

It's Free Week in the PPK Cookbook Challenge, and I've chosen to try a few things from Robin Robertson's Vegan on the Cheap. I've enjoyed pretty much everything I've made from it so far, and this Spinach Pie was no exception.

When I saw the title of the recipe, I thought it would be a Greek spanakopita in pie form, but then I realized it's actually a quiche (Robin just calls it a spinach pie because her husband won't eat "quiche" -- sneaky!)

I've made a few quiches but I think this one is my favorite. I love the vibrant green color, and the texture was fantastic. But the best thing about it was, the longer it was around, the better it tasted! If you're a single person and you get frustrated with cookbook recipes designed to feed a family of four, I would definitely recommend this recipe. Yes, it fills an entire pie plate, but you can eat it for days. I found myself microwaving a slice for 30 seconds, just barely warm, and eating it for breakfast.

Olivia surprised me by eating a big-person sized slice, all by herself. One of my very favorite things about being a mom is watching them try all the different foods and seeing what their likes and dislikes are. And of course, the accompanying faces they make! Olivia's face lit up when I put a bite of this quiche in her mouth. We clearly have similar tastes.

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day, if that's your thing. Tony had to work late, so it was just another day for us. But today he is off, and I am making a little feast of some of his favorite foods. I hope he likes it. He has been working so hard and I don't get to see him very much...so I guess I'll finish up this post now, so I can go hang out with him!


  1. Too funny! This is actually on my menu this week so I am glad to hear it was good! Thanks for the butternut squash lentil post too...I have never noticed that one in the book and it sounds great! I have made the 3 bean loaf, comfort loaf, cutlets on the cheap (and then made them like a country fried steak) mushroom gravy and tofu fried rice all of which were awesome. I am sure I have made others too just can not think of them right now.

  2. Kim, I hope you like the quiche as much as we did. My favorites from VotC are the Chickpea Soup and the Cheezy Sauce (mixed with a can of Rotel it makes a perfect dip for tortilla chips).

  3. My husband has been working late almost every night, and I haven't gotten to see him much lately, either. Boo! And the picture in your other post of the kids with Tony as he eats reminds me of my kids when my husband eats after them. He always tries to "disappear" so he can actually consume his food on his own.