Sunday, February 13, 2011

Urban Vegan Tester #18 - Earl Grey Cookies

I couldn't wait to try the latest Urban Vegan tester, Earl Grey Cookies, for two reasons.  First, I drink Earl Grey tea practically every day. Second, these are shortbread cookies, and Tony loves shortbread. Sure enough, we both loved these small, elegant cookes, speckled with pretty flecks of tea and flavored with that citrusy bergamot Earl Grey flavor. As Tony popped the last one in his mouth, he requested that I make more because they are the best cookies I've ever made. Unknown to him, I made a double batch of cookie dough and stored half in the freezer for another time, so he'll have more cookies waiting for him tonight. Just consider it an early Valentine, baby! Haha.

How's your weekend going? Yesterday we did all our errands and ate some Indian food. Today, Tony is working a 12-hour shift. I'm so ready for him to go back to his normal 9-5 schedule in a couple weeks! I'm glad I have my little buddies to keep me company all day today.

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