Sunday, February 6, 2011

Diner Food, Breakfast Food

My Super Bowl goodies are chillin on the counter, waiting to be eaten tonight. So now that I have some free time, I thought I would clear off my camera.

Friday night, we ate at the Eveready Diner. If there is one thing folks in this neck of the woods can't get enough of, it is diner food. I always get the veggie burger and sweet potato fries.

Tony had to work all day on Saturday, so I made "breakfast for dinner" for the kids and me. We had a yummy tofu scramble with spinach, roasted potatoes, and pancakes. This worked out well because Tony was able to make himself a burrito with the leftover tofu and potatoes when he got home, and Jackson had the rest of the pancakes for breakfast this morning.

This was the first time I made a scramble using my Tofu Xpress. It makes such a difference in the texture, I just loved it. I think I'll be eating a lot more scrambles from now on.

 Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. I love all the challenges you're doing lately, Sara! That mango-ginger tofu is awesome, for sure :-)

  2. I have been wanting a Tofu Express forever! I hate pressing tofu with books - they always end up wet.

    This meal looks awesome! And I love your kids' names btw:)