Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl & Urban Vegan Tester #15

Happy Monday, amigos y amigas. Did you watch the Super Bowl last night? I don't really follow football, but somehow I always end up watching the Super Bowl.  There's always the $3 million dollar commercials to keep me entertained...What did those of you not from Michigan think of the Eminem Chrysler ad? It made me proud of my hometown! What was your favorite commercial? Were you cheering for a certain team to win? Did you even watch the game?

Of course the Super Bowl means beer...or in Tony's case, homemade picklebacks...

And, perhaps most importantly, the Super Bowl means food. My contributions this year included: Shamefully Simple Chickpea Chili, an Urban Vegan tester recipe that is so easy and fast, yet tastes like it has been cooking for a couple of hours. Salsa verde gives it quite a kick.

I also fixed some vegan Rotel queso...

And guac...

I feel silly posting a guac recipe because it's so basic and everyone has their own taste, but here is mine.

Super Bowl...of Guacamole
2 avocados
2 Tbsp. cilantro, minced
2 Tbsp. red onion, minced
1 Tbsp. lemon juice
1/2 tsp. salt
Mash together in a bowl and serve with tortilla chips.

Today I'm just trying to get the energy to face the week. Tony is working a lot of overtime which means long days for me and the kiddos. And of course we're supposed to get more snow tonight!

Hope YOU have a great week, see you tomorrow!


  1. I made the chickpea chili recipe this weekend, too!

  2. My husband is from western PA, so he watched the game even though he's normally not a sports fan. I liked it because it gave me a chance to catch up on my cookbook reading.

    I've been having a ridiculous craving for vegan queso with rotel, so I'm trying hard not to lick the screen right now. The chickpea chili looks delicious too. Don't feel silly about the guacamole recipe; I've never made it myself, so I'm happy to see yours!

  3. How was the vegan queso and what all was in it?

  4. I took a bath and chatted with my mom while the football types enjoyed the game.

  5. @Vegan Georgia, I did a bit of that too during the actual game (cookbook reading) :)

    @Carissa, I use the Cheezy Sauce recipe from Vegan on the Cheap and dump in a can of Rotel.

    @Maria Rose, that sounds like a nice relaxing night.