Friday, February 4, 2011

Cookbook Challenge - Pad Thai

Last night I did another PPK Cookbook Challenge recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance -- Brooklyn Pad Thai! In grad school, my friend Beth and I would go to this Thai restaurant that had the most excellent pad thai. I haven't had really decent Thai food since. Maybe I need to go to Brooklyn. Or maybe just make it myself from now on. This is why we refer to VwaV as "the cookbook that can do no wrong" around here. This stuff is seriously awesome.

It's all coming together...

Sauced and ready to be devoured...

The recipe sounds complicated because you have to make the individual servings. I think that's why I never tackled it before. But it all comes together so fast that it's not a big deal. The recipe makes a lot! I cut it in half and we still had leftovers. I would've liked a little more sauce, so I think next time I will cut the noodle amount down, but make the regular amount of sauce.


  1. I always avoided that recipe too, but you sure make it look worth the effort!