Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas at Rockefeller Center

On Saturday we headed to the city to see the giant Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza.  We didn't make it last year, and we were really curious to see what New York City is like at Christmastime.  So as soon as we heard that the tree was lit, we made plans to go.

On our way out of town, we ate lunch buffet at an Indian restaurant called Tanjore

I gotta admit, I'm pretty sure this meal was not 100% vegan. When I'm eating outside my home, as long as the food is vegetarian and not oozing melted cheese, I don't ask for specifics.  I guess I could ask them to prepare me something special, but I don't want to make a big deal.  Do you ask for special dishes or do you have more of a "what I don't know won't hurt me" attitude when dining out or at the homes of family/friends?  I know some of you are more strict, or have allergy issues which force you to be aware of what you're eating at all times. 

Olivia ate her first bites of Indian food.  I gave her some naan and carrot halwa (pudding).  Now that she has a couple of teeth, she thinks she is the champion of eating solid food.  She wants to eat what we're eating, whenever she can.

When arrived in the city and walked towards the tree, the first landmark we saw was St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Then we came to Rockefeller Center.  I recognized it from 30 Rock.  I wanted to find Jack Donaghy and have him advise me on how to be more awesome at life.

 I was all excited when we spotted the tree.  I love Christmas lights and decorations.  I must have a little Griswald in me because, seriously -- the more lights, the better.  They just make me feel happy and festive.

I wanted to get closer to the ice-skating rink and watch the skaters, but the whole area was super crowded.

Jackson and Olivia didn't know what to make of the giant tree, but Jackson loves to people-watch, so he was all set.

As we headed back to our car, I saw these random giant Christmas ornaments. On the next block, there was a strand of giant Christmas lights.

I didn't get any pictures of all the shop windows we passed, with their holiday-themed window displays. The crowd in front of the Cartier shop was so huge, I couldn't even tell what was going on inside!  It must have been something interesting. 

As we walked past Radio City Music Hall, a show was just letting out. The crowd of people was so thick that we were literally at a standstill on the sidewalk for half an hour. I had plenty of time to snap a picture.

It's funny, now that I've been to the city several times, I gotta say I have no idea where the stereotype of "rude New Yorkers" comes from.  Nobody has ever been snotty to me in a restaurant or glared at me for pushing a stroller on a busy street.  In fact, on Saturday, making our way through that insane crowd, so many people went out of their way to make sure that us parents with strollers were able to squeeze by, and that kids didn't get separated from their moms and dads.  Once, Olivia dropped her little hat, and I had no idea she'd lost it until a guy ran up and handed it back to her, having picked it up off the sidewalk. 

How was your weekend?  Hope you had fun!


  1. here in England, Indian restaurants are the best places to eat vegan food easily! they are usually able to produce a variation on their normal curries in the same time it takes for "normal" food to arrive, so it's where we eat out most often:-) Glad you enjoyed your buffet, it looked great!

  2. i have the same attitude about eating out, especially if i cannot plan in advance... i think making a big scene and making a special dish just for you does more harm than good in the movement... i do the best i can and say "no meat no dairy" when ordering and hope that the dish is vegan...

  3. It wasn't quite as crowded when we were there before Thanksgiving. So...this was my 5th visit to NYC, and I always thought the same thing: I never understood what the big deal was about people being rude or anything. THIS TIME we had the worst luck with that. I'm a little sensitive, but people were constantly being short with us or being rude or offensive. I cried several times during this trip, and my love for NYC definitely took a few hits. :( Everyone at vegetarian restaurants were sooo nice, though, which made up for it a little bit.

    I loved seeing the trip and everything (although it wasn't lit yet when we were there). I'm glad you guys had a fun day!

  4. I agree about the NYers. So much nicer than DCers.