Saturday, December 18, 2010

All Shopped Out at Red Robin

Last night we got all our Christmas shopping done. Today, we wrap.  Time to get some prezzies under this little tree!

After two hours at the mall, cooking at home did not sound appealing, so we stopped by Red Robin.  After the Shenandoah Vegan's Red Robin pics made me hungry, I thought it was time to give it another try.  Last time we ate there was when Jackson was a little over a year old.  As we were digging into our meal, the giant red bird mascot came out and started doing laps around the dining room. Jackson freaked out and cowered on my lap. This time, the menacing robin was nowhere in sight, and the food hit the spot.  For a burger place, I like how they clearly point out on the menu what is vegan/vegetarian.

Is this a really popular time of year for birthdays or what?  My birthday was a few days ago, and I've known lots of people whose birthday is right around mine.  But tonight was crazy -- we counted FIVE kids having their birthdays at Red Robin while we were there.  Each time, the servers all gathered around and clapped and sang, so it was hard to miss.  Pretty random on a Friday night.

Fried jalapeno coins, fries, and veggie burger. 
It's all so...brown.  But good!  Shake that Red Robin spice all over it and dig in.


  1. I never, ever thought that Red Robin would have anything vegan, let alone vegetarian. Interesting!

  2. I get to eat at Red Robin next Tuesday. Can't wait! (Didn't know about the mascot thing).

  3. dolmadez, i was surprised too. the one by us offers both gardenburgers (vegetarian) and boca burgers (vegan).