Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Today I took the kids to Camp Mabry to visit the Texas Military Forces Museum. It had been awhile since our last visit, so Jackson and Olivia were eager to get their flight on.

Dinner was a crockpot soup with chickpeas, red lentils and smoked paprika that I found on Pinterest. I doubled the amount of smoked paprika because duh, it's awesome.

"Dessert" was a couple glasses of Buddha's Brew basil-honey-ginger kombucha. The new Whole Foods in our hood sells these growlers which are a good deal compared to buying individual bottles. 

I am still experimenting with making my own kombucha. Initial batches turned out too vinegary and not bubbly enough, but not long ago I learned about double fermentation and that makes it a lot better. Now I am working on adding different flavors. So far I have only done lemon-ginger, but I will post more about it after I try some different flavors and can offer some tips.


  1. Smoked paprika....YUM!! And those growlers of Kombucha are awesome, wish I lived closer to a Whole Foods.

  2. Buddah's Brew looks amazing. Always looking to try other kombuchas. Your kids are adorable!