Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bun Buns

Today we went to a storytime at Book People that featured some special guests.

Tiny Tails to You is a local "traveling petting zoo" that visits birthday parties, schools, and storytimes.  Their staff educates about the various animals while letting the kids get some hands-on time.

Jackson and Olivia discussed the relative cuteness of their bunnies, and proudly pointed out how gentle they were being.

Bunny love!

Afterwards, we swung by Central Market for lunch with my friend Jacqueline. While our kids played on the playscape, I had tomato-red bell pepper soup with a ciabatta roll. This soup was spicy! Someone had a heavy hand with the black pepper today.

Later in the afternoon, my parents came over and were good sports about getting relentlessly beaten at Candyland.

Once Tony arrived home from work, we headed out to ZuZu for an easy dinner. I'd never been, but Tony goes there for lunch occasionally, and assured me I would like it. He was not wrong. We sampled a few different kinds of salsa from the fixins bar. I love restaurants with fixins bars, by the way. I make multiple trips.

I had spinach-mushroom quesadillas with sides of roasted potatoes and grilled veggies, a cheap and plentiful dinner. My quesadilla was stuffed to bursting with greens, and overall their food seems pretty healthy compared to your standard Tex-Mex fare.

Bonus pic: Pug Olivia.

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