Thursday, March 27, 2014

Orange Belt

Jackson completed another round of karate lessons last week, which meant it was time for a belt test. The leader of the dojo came to class to test all the students.

Jackson lined up with his fellow yellow belts and was tested on all the moves he was supposed to have mastered.

He passed! His yellow belt was tied into a knot, never to be worn again, and the orange belt was presented to him.

To celebrate, we went out for pizza at Craig O's in Lakeway. We do not normally drive that far for pizza, but we had a Groupon. We sat out on the deck, which overlooks the giant playscape.

We started with a big Greek salad for all of us to share.

We ordered the veggie pizza with tomatoes, green pepper, red onion, black olives, and mushrooms. The crust was exellent. I appreciate it when the crust doesn't sag and become soggy from the weight of a bunch of veggie toppings. Please excuse Tony's pepperoni slice edging its way into the photo.

So proud of my dedicated little karate kid!

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