Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Last night I wanted something fancy for dinner. You know, something that involves a little more work than standard weeknight fare, but you don't mind, because it's a treat. And so, Fried Tofu Chicken Wafflewiches with Maple-Dijon Sauce (from Cookin' Crunk) came to be.

Glorious! If you wanted to, you could just prepare the fried tofu 'n' waffles, slather in in maple syrup, and call it dinner. I guess that's the way most restaurants serve it (well, you know, except with gross chicken in place of the delightful breaded tofu). But I like Bianca's unique spin, turning it into an actual, savory sandwich. She even manages to squeeze in a couple of veggies!

The leftover fried tofu makes a fab salad topper for the next day's lunch. In this case, romaine and spinach with kalamata olives, hempseeds, and cashew tamari dressing.

I picked up a metal easel for my young artists. 

Painting while mama cooks.

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